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My first full bodied YES took me out of the convent and on to a life changing camping trip through Russia in 1971 as a very young woman. Now in my 76th year I look back in such deep deep gratitude for the life experiences this decision granted me.

Holly just love your sharing of your wisdom and love for humanity πŸ’•

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I've never regretted a full body 'yes!'

One 'yes' being the very same retreat in Ireland, another was the invitation to co-create the birthing of Grail Leadership with you!

Each 'yes' was a doorway to an avalanche love, abundance, epic relationships, inner-strength, inner-knowing, beauty and joy - along with a fair share healthy challenges that nourished my soul.

Here's to many more to come πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Thanks for your beautiful writing Holly, perfect timing as always!

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There is so much in your beautiful writing that resonates for me. My full body Yes! is what helped me finally leave corporate, begin my healing journey, and follow my soul’s calling... and I’ve never looked back.

Love the work you’re doing, Holly. Thank you for sharing some of your journey with your readers.

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